Day 4

Inner Work:

The Gratitude List I did last night had a surprising influence on me. This morning I found myself taking extra time with the beings that I love and appreciate, instead of letting the morning rush be my sole focus. Yes, I’m talking about my pets.  If anyone else had been around, I’m sure I would’ve cherished them also!  I’m going to keep doing my Gratitude List  every night.  Although I sometimes jump off from it to other journalling, it only takes 5 mins. and returns so much love to my life.


First thing this morning I did Morning Pages, which is an exercise from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. (visit for excerpts and refections on it).  It’s a practice to help creativity. You write first thing in the morning, before your brain starts going, without even getting out of bed, for 5 mins. Just stream of consciousness, no grammar, no editing, and let the thoughts flow to whatever pops into your mind.

I’ve found it really helps me identify what’s just beneath the surface of my awareness. Certain themes will recur; I can acknowledge those more fully, going deeper with them. I also find it helps banish my inner critic, who prejudges my ideas and feelings before I’m fully aware of them. I guess it’s a survival skill to be able to put away one’s feelings and concerns to go out in the world and make a living, run errands, etc., but when my goal is thriving and creating, not just surviving, it’s good to be able to turn off that part of myself.

You don’t have to be any kind of artist to benefit from this.  Manifesting the reality we want is the original act of creation, and we have to be in touch with our true feelings and desires to do it.  The daydreaming we all do gives our mind a break and is really where conscious creation starts.  It helps to be able to fine tune this everyday occurence, letting ourselves go into a full flight of fancy fantasy, learning to pay attention to the content and take action on it.

Today’s first round of Morning Pages was pretty tame content and a little superficial.  Some examples:   

I want a 12 step sponsor soon. will the RFA people be willing, since I’m modifying “their” food plan. do i need to go to OA?  

I want separate pages for my food + exercise logs so readers don’t have to wade through the minutiae of my diet unless they want.

It’s expected that it can take a few days to start really getting deeper into it. The first few days are good for releasing the first layer of mind mess.

An interesting synchronicity is that later in the morning I got a call for a day job I absoloutely love to do – cover for one of my favorite NSA practitioners.  And I get to take a drive into the mountains to do it.  The center is a beautiful space, with wonderful practitioners that share the space.  It’s a gift to be there, so a wonderful creation in every way.

I had forgotten the connection between creativity and synchronistic events, and was only expecting to get in touch with my deeper feelings.  As I relate it, I’m realizing that loving that job IS one of my deeper feelings.

Food Log:

For all the focus on food ( I DO love to eat good food!), it is more a means to an end.  I hope to have more self love, emotional clarity and spiritual connection by eating food that doesn’t trigger obsessive compulsive eating.  The purpose of the RFA food plan by Kay Sheppard is to abstain from all foods that trigger overeating or cravings for unhealthy food.  Cravings are different from hunger in that hunger gets satisfied.  You eat what you need, then forget about it until 4-6 hours later.  Now that I’ve forgotten about food for all but 3-4 hours a day, I can attend to other needs like my purpose on this planet, my emotional needs and creating my life to make my heart sing.

To those ends, I am moving my Food Log to another page, just a click away, on this same blog.  The recipes and discussion about food will be there too, except as it comes up specifically in my inner work.  The top menu bar will contain My Food Log, My Exercise Log and other helpful stuff, like Abbreviations I use and Resources like links to websites I’ve mentioned.  Feel free to let me know how this flows for you, and I’ll be trying it out to evaluate whether to keep it this way.  Even the top layer of mind mess reveals helpful insights!


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to Day 4

  1. Nalini says:

    Thank you for inviting me to this … these are wonderful … and without me even appreciating it, I am also doing work!!

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