DAY 11


Lots of questions for my MAP session (see Resources tab) last night; in fact I had no physical or emotional concerns, JUST questions!

I know from looking at the Perelandra site that there is a process to dialog with one’s guides. Couldn’t remember it, so I don’t know if I did it right, but it worked. I just opened a coning and then changed it to a 40 minute calibration session. I explained what I wanted to do, asked for permission and got YES. So I asked whichever guides that I’d called in and were appropriate to come forward to answer. I’ll check the site later and see if that was the best way. Their site is really rich with information.

You can do whatever you want, but the process I’m using is detailed in their book, MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program.  There are specific guides that are called, and a specific process for the first session that then sets up the following sessions. The book is on sale this month on their site.

I hadn’t thought about nature spirits this way, but Machaelle Wright has a good video on YouTube that explains that anything that involves form (anything we think of as matter or even ideas/information like a study course) is appropriate to receive assistance from the devic world and Pan. This is their realm – creating ideas into form and coordinating the process.  I envision doing their processes for my businesses very soon.

BTW Perelandra also produces a GREAT vid showing exactly how to do your own muscle testing to get answers during the MAP sessions, and anytime in general, like when testing which supplements to buy, for example.  Also a good explanation of how it works is provided.

My questions from last night were all about my eating plan. It feel’s too loose and I really need to get clear on exactly what is best for me. I want to set it and forget it. I’ll still stay mindful of effects of various foods, and adjust accordingly. I’ll check back in a month to see if there are changes needed.

I also intend to listen to what KS has to say at the workshop, but I don’t know if I can do it strictly. My guides said yes to 3 meals plus a snack, but some quantities were different. 

Here are the answers I got:                                                                                                                Chicken and turkey are 3.5 oz.  Fish is 3 oz. Cheese  can be 2 oz. daily.  Nuts can be 1 oz. daily.    No more than half cup beans a day for now (making up the difference w/rice for 1 c. servings at lunch and only 1/2 c. whole grain at dinner.  Still 2 c. veggies at lunch and dinner.  Almond milk can be used for dairy serving.  Nonfat dry milk is ok too.

No more Ezekiel bread, potatoes, mozzarella, cottage cheese, ricotta, butter (wah!).

Limited low-fat milk, Lactaid, tempeh, tofu, seeds, soy milk, hemp milk and rice milk.  I am not meant to be vegetarian at this time.

Something is releasing in my right mid neck, and it is still noticeable after my NSA entrainment today.  I could barely even feel it going into that session!  I did not receive any insight into the feelings or memories in that area, which is unusual for me.  But like I said, I was completely disconnected from that part of myself at the beginning.  By the end of the session I was able to connect with it and get my breath and energy to move into it by sheer will and prayer, so yay!  I will be breathing into it and stretching it out, plus asking if there is anything I need to know during my MAP coning (physically oriented) session tonight.  It just feels like very old stuff (early life).

Yet another job opportunity came my way today.  Unlike a few months ago, I am now able to choose between desirable offers!  Wow!  What a shift!  Thanks Darius, for the latest tip.


Breakfast: 9:20am – Pear Ginger Muffin Tops, 10 oz. green juice

Lunch: 12:45pm – 4 oz. DFM Chicken Salad, 1/2 c. Black eyed peas, 2 c. sautéed zucchini

Dinner:  7:00pm – 3.5 oz. ground turkey, 1 t. BED pesto (no nuts or cheese), 1 c. brown rice, 2 c. mixed baby greens/sliced beets/baby carrots, 1 oz. feta, 1-1/2 T. NO

Snack:  9:30pm – 1 c. unsweetened almond milk, 4 oz. cherries, 2 oz. blueberries, 1 dropper LS, 1 scoop whey protein powder

I did feel tired today in the afternoon for the first time since my start at the new year.  Maybe from the fatty food day, maybe because so many opportunities have been manifesting that lately I have almost every hour of the day scheduled! 


3 mins. stationary bike, 2 mins stretching, 17 mins. stationary bike


This week I was able to feel my belly getting smaller, hanging down less.  My jeans were comfortable right out of the dryer.  That’s encouraging!  The scale says I’m about 5 pounds lighter since Jan 1. 45 to go!  I’ll have to see if the bet I made with my dad is still on.  The bet was which of us could lose 15 lbs. first.  It’s my first 15, and his last 15, so not very fair, but I’ll take the challenge!


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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One Response to DAY 11

  1. Nalini says:

    … and sometimes processing is the way to rest as well! And so it seems, also, the way for you is in this new lifestyle! Congrats.

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