DAY 13

After going straight to bed, very tired, I slept horribly – up every hour or two and hot, but not a hot flash. I had the feeling that bed was too soon after dinner.


I got brand new Vibram Five Fingers shoes! Decided on the old Bikila style with the strap, not laces, because they were on sale at the outlet, and who knows if I’ll like them. They’re just for running when it’s too cold or rough a surface for actual barefoot. I got the bright red and pink ones. If I’m gonna look like a freak, I might as well go for it!


Yes, I’m one of those people that thought people were weird for wearing them. I thought they were just a novelty. I didn’t realize that they would help maintain proper foot biomechanics and extend my barefoot training.

I was so excited that I wore them out of the store because they’re initially so difficult to get on and off, and they recommend walking in them first for a while. This morning I tried them on the treadmill, because even with the shoes I think 26 degrees is too cold to run outside!

17 mins TM: 7:30am –
3 mins warm up walking
11 mins slow jog
3 mins warm down walking
3 mins stretching feet, calves, glutes

3:00pm – 30 min easy walk with dogs


Breakfast: 8:00am – KS Blueberry Muffin Tops

10:00am – 12 oz green juice

Lunch: 1:00pm – 4 oz wild king salmon, broiled with Seafood Magic, 1/2 c black eyed peas, 2 c blender salad

Dinner:  6:15pm – 4 oz DFM chicken salad, 2 c mixed baby greens, 6 brown rice fax seed crackers, 2 oz raw cheddar

Snack:  11:30pm – 3/4 c low fat plain yogurt, 6 oz fresh raspberries, 1 dropper LS


Yesterday I reread Kay Sheppard’s book, Food Addiction:  The Body Knows.  I definitely see myself in some of those pages. I often have the feeling that I’m not as extreme as a lot of the people she talks about. I guess I’m “addicted” to sugar, maybe just not as much as some people.

I feel like whenever I take the path of least resistance, it is not in my best interest. Our culture offers us endless fast food, junk and convenience.  It’s seems so much easier just doing what everyone else seems to be doing, or taking what’s offered without question. And it hasn’t worked for me.   

The whole time I was growing up, I never realized I could consciously decide what I wanted or needed; I just accepted what I was presented until I grew up.  To just take on a major life change like an eating plan, lock stock and barrel, unexamined, without trusting my inner guidance, feels like I’m missing an opportunity to empower myself, let alone possibly missing the mark.

Stay tuned.  Kay’s workshop is tomorrow.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to DAY 13

  1. Nalini says:

    Or, as in my case, just go along with the culture! Boy, I relate to all of this : – } I finally realized that with the sleeping thing, I needed to get up and do eft or meditate. Then go back to sleep. I found a yoga show on veire (?) that I try for an hour … which I am not lasting through.

    LOVE the shoes! Those are awesome … truly! : )

  2. Teehee…Glad you like the shoes. You too can have glow-in-the-dark feet!

    That is awesome about the yoga. What time is this middle of the night yoga show? Not that I’ll be watching…I do like my sleep.

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