DAY 15


Gratitude List this morning.  Despite that, very grouchy today, just generally aggravated at everything and everyone.  I could come up with a lot of reasons, but I think it’s just withdrawal from the extra oil.  Didn’t realize that was possible, but what else could it be?  I know all too well what withdrawal feels like.

I found out at the workshop yesterday that if people are losing weight too fast on the basic plan, the way that is recommended initially to slow it down is to add an extra tablespoon of oil per day.  So if one tablespoon of oil can make the difference between losing weight too fast and just normal weight loss, then I’m excited.  Because I was having 3 T. per day and was not losing weight very fast at all (3 lbs. in the past 2 weeks).  I’m expecting to see more results now.


Breakfast: 10:30am – Pumpkin Pie (recipe)

Lunch: 3:30pm – 4 oz chicken, 1 T dukes, 2 c mixed field greens, 1 c BED quinoa & millet holiday dressing (recipe)

Dinner: 8:15pm – 2 c garlic string beans, 4 oz ground turkey patty, 1 c brown rice

Snack: 9:30pm – 1 c soy milk, 6 oz frozen fruit, 20 drops stevia


Packing and moving boxes and furniture for several hours.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to DAY 15

  1. Nalini says:

    Could it also be dialogue in your head maybe you aren’t aware of … ?

    I am attempting to speak to my 5-6-7 cervicals. These cats are terse, hold their cards close … still waters run deep they say.

    • You could definitely be right about the inner dialog. IT is what is grouchy and aggravated with everything and everyone! I know part of it is committing to more strictness than I was emotionally prepared for. Which is why the process yesterday that “food is not love” and the affirmation, “I have all the love I want and need” is relevant!

      That being said I just did not want to give it more energy beyond that. Both because I am full and tired from the work on Saturday, and because it is mainly “start up noises,” like rousing a stiff old lady–grumbly and creaky at first, but fine once I get going on it. I can sit here all day and give reasons why it doesn’t make sense to make those changes I don’t like, and why they don’t apply to MY situation and why those people are stoopid and on and on. Yes, that is some of the actual grumbling inner dialog! But at a certain point (and I hit that point), whatever I focus on, expands.

      Your description of your cervicals cracked me up! They certainly do have strong little personalities, don’t they? I’m just relating to it, because mine do too. I have to look at them as parts of myself (usually children, in my case) who are needing love and don’t know how to ask for it in a way that I can understand. Or maybe it was me, not able or willing to listen when they asked nicely?

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