DAY 18


Breakfast: 8:00am – apple cinnamon muffin tops: 6 oz apple, 2 eggs, 1/4 c oat bran, 1/4 c steel cut oats, 1/2 c cottage cheese, 20 drops stevia, dash cinnamon

Lunch: 1:30pm – 4 oz broiled salmon with seafood magic, 1 c brown rice, 2 c steamed broccoli

Dinner: 7:00pm – Wendy’s: 4 oz (2) beef patties, 8 0z plain baked potato, 2 c garden salad, 1 T Newmans Own Olive Oil and Vinegar Salad Dressing

Metabolic: 9:30pm – 1 c plain low fat yogurt, 6 oz fresh raspberries, 20 drops stevia


No major exercise happened today, sadly, but I did start plank pose.  I found the plank site as my internet travels carried me through the barefoot running site, to Sole Training (massage, stretching and strengthening for bare feet) and finally to, a foot fitness program, where there is a “Learn to Plank” button.

BTW  This is not the same as the Facebook fad of “planking” (Lying face down in a strange or unusual place, then naming it and posting a picture on Facebook).  Not much exercise in that…ok, a little.

Plank is a yoga posture that can strengthen your spine, abs, shoulders, arms, legs and feet, which is how it relates to barefoot running.  Barefoot running requires more flexibility and strength in the legs, ankles and feet, since feet are not supported by highly structured shoes providing the support.  Good core strength is a help as well, to keep your torso movement under control and center of gravity over your feet.

Willpower Method recommends doing plank every day for a minute.  However if you’re new to doing this yoga pose, they advocate starting with 30 seconds a day, adding 5 seconds each week until you work up to a minute.  For die-hards, continue adding 5 seconds a week to your daily practice, until you get to 3 minutes, then start practicing twice a day!

Quality over quantity is emphasized.  “A well-aligned 30-second plank is better than a poorly aligned 1 minute plank!”  See the site link for full instructions on the posture.

“Head to Heel…Like Steel!”

– Joseph Pilates


Once you’re feeling confident, you can submit a photo of your plank!

I was only able to do 15 seconds, then I slid on the rug and got up again for another 15 seconds.  So next I went for 30 consecutive seconds.  Do you think THAT’S what they meant?   😉  Ok, what the heck…where’s that yoga mat.  Yes, I made it for 30 consecutive seconds (stomach shaking and all).


Today I was on my motorcycle, frowning.  And it was a sunny day!  Now that is just not right, and i know it.  I tried to smile and I had a really hard time.  The pain in my neck is back (at least not going down my arm anymore)and I am so done riding the motorcycle everywhere.  I don’t even want to ride for fun anymore.  i have got to get a car soon.  I’m at the point where i don’t care if it has heat, or AC, I am just so tired of trying to fit my food, and my clothes for each of my three different jobs and errands; there is just not room.  And suiting up in the cold takes 5-10 mins. then i undo it when I get somewhere.  then i do it all over again at the next stop.  At least I don’t need someone to help me get the pants off over my boots anymore, like a small child taking off their pants after playing in the snow!

Hmmm,  I’m grouchy every time my neck hurts, but I’m not sure which comes first. So today, riding the motorcycle, I just prayed for the chronic pain to go away again, and if there was something I needed to acknowledge, to help me do it.  I noticed it was that same struggling feeling and I remembered the feeling now was the same tone as when I was a teenager.  My dominant attitude was, “Screw this!  I didn’t ask to come here!”  Yes, I actually thought that.  Repeatedly.  Spiritual amnesia apparently.  Now i haven’t had that thought for many years, but the feeling is the same.  I made a mental note to stay after my last client and do some inner work of my own at my clinic.

Then the light changed and I continued riding.  A few moments later I realized that the pain was gone.  Yay!  Thank you.  So grateful to have even a few minutes of relief.

So at my clinic, I did some NSA on myself. “Dear C3/4 right, what can you tell me?”  What I got was that for me it is a very fine line between being challenged/being understanding in a situation and just turning off/feeling like it’s a struggle and resenting it.  Very Taurean I’d say…patient, patient, patient, then….NOT!  And when I switch off about something, I got that i need to just immediately turn away from it.  And go toward what i do want…anything that turns me on and makes me smile uncontrollably.  Something that gets me so jazzed that it’s all I want to think about until I can manifest it.  And it will manifest, probably quickly.

“I can have what I want immediately.”



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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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3 Responses to DAY 18

  1. Nalini says:

    Are you sure you meant to say ’30 minutes’?

    So a wise chiropractor has helped me move through the relationship of the dialogue in my head and the constant pain I have been in over the years. Before, I would have absolutely convinced myself it was the way I sit at the computer, holding a toddler, while doing cat-cow pose having that toddler careen into me at a pace only toddlers can travel, my mattress, my sleeping positions etc. and so forth. However, with time and practice, I have been a real convert on this perspective and have been stunned at the degree to which my thoughts affect my body. And such chiropractor also filled me in on the concept that when a time for an emotional complex to be acknowledged, our bodies speak loudest … what is it saying?

  2. Nalini says:

    btw, the plank stuff is great … I have to say that I am starting at just ten seconds right now. I have been working at focusing on my hands and allowing the pose to extend up from there. I am glad that they said just five seconds a week! thanks!

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