DAY 27


Turkey Butternut Squash Bake was a bit better this time. Was it because it had rested for a few days, the way chili and spaghetti sauce are always better the second day?

Maybe it was the fact that it was already cooked and all I had to do was reheat for a few minutes while I had an overdue MAP coning session! And still got to work on time!

The MAP session this morning was kind of quick and purely for physical healing. I was focused on the right bicep pain radiating from my chronic neck dysfunction, right medial glute soreness that happens every time I run or have a long walk or hike, and the stiffness and clicking in my right ankle since I broke it last year. There is also a burning pain in my right lateral foot near that previous fracture.

I got a lot of relief, but nothing lasting. It may take more regular sessions than I’ve been doing to make some headway. I still need to replenish my flower essences, as I got that they will help with the healing.

B: 8am – turkey 4 oz, apple 6 oz, butternut squash 1 c, nonfat dry milk 1/3 c, cinnamon 1/2 t

L: 1pm – grain free tabbouleh (see Recipes tab) 2 c, turkey 4 oz, baked potato 8 oz

D: 7pm – dinner out (Wendy’s – 4 oz plain beef patties, 8 oz baked potato, 2 c garden salad, 1 T NO)

M: 10pm – kefir 1 c, frozen fruit 6 oz

I didn’t plan well enough to have anything precooked to take from my office to chanting for dinner. That meant I had 2 salads/2T oil today.

I have already cancelled my plans to go
out tomorrow to get caught up on cooking, cleaning, putting away Xmas decorations, etc. The mid week cooking did not fully happen.

1 hr DG – speed round – yeah!

I read the chapters The Doctor’s Opinion & Bill’s Story.

Chanting with visiting teachers from Babaji’s Ashram in Colorado; a rare treat.

I had an amazing NSA entrainment today. I wasn’t feeling much for the longest time on the table. Then I decided to really throw myself into it, breathing huge, really moving the energy through the spinal segments we were working. It was C6/coccyx; victimization.

As I progressed through the levels to 2B, I finally was able to connect the two oscillators in my mind and in my body. I had this cockamamie stretch, like the best first-thing-in-the-morning, wake-up-when-you’re-done-getting-all-the-sleep-you-need kind of stretch. Arms above my head, fingers straight out twirling, head and shoulders to one side, hips and legs cocked to the other side, legs straight out, toes stuck out, fully unfurled. Oh yeah.

Except this stretch didn’t just last for a few seconds. It went on and on, while the tiny muscles, tendons and ligaments between each vertebrae unwound their tension all the way down to my spinal cord, deep groans escaping with each exhale.

Feelings of relief mixed with sadness at my spine choking judgments and constraints placed on myself welled up. And on the heels of that, I heard a voice. “I forgive you.” God? My higher self? One part of me talking to another part? Then a big smile spontaneously crossed my face and stuck there. Remember when I couldn’t smile a week ago? This was the opposite. I couldn’t not smile.


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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5 Responses to DAY 27

  1. Nalini says:

    hey you … I thought you said you couldn’t write! Good work … sounds like a celebration to me. Do you mind expanding on “C6/coccyx; victimization”?

  2. tracyjai says:

    Wow, what a turn around. that’s so great! i love it when i’m filled with such joy i can’t not smile. 😀
    last night i felt my heart open so wide it brought tears to my eyes and this morning thinking about Babaji, again the tears and i got a little choked up. i’m taking this as a sign i’m feeling more connected to my Higher Power and the Divine in my life. deep joy!

    • Thanks for commenting Tracy. It means a lot to hear from you.

      I really do feel that when any of us is more connected to God and joy, it is easier for all of us to be there too!

      Thanks for going there!

  3. Dana says:

    So sweet!! I wanna stretch like that or like my cat does!

    So glad you are smiling now!!!

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