DAY 29


B:  9am – Bowl of Heaven (8 oz tofu, 1 c millet, 1 c yogurt, 6 oz froz berries, 15 drops liquid saccharin)

L:  2pm – 2 c salad, 4 oz baked chicken, 3 T mustard/yogurt/mayo dressing

D:  7pm – 2 c sautéed kale/onions, 4 oz turkey kielbasa, 8 oz baked potato

M:  10pm  – 1 c Kefir, 6 oz frozen strawberries, 15 drops liquid saccharin



50 mins Mtn biking

A weekend including sunny skies, disc golf, mountain biking AND my house is clean and laundry done? A very good weekend!



We were watching the Biggest Loser on our DVR and we starting to laugh at how much attitude and resistance some of the contestants were giving their trainers. Not in a mean way, more in an identification kind of way. “Don’t they realize the trainers are there to help them reach their goals, have so much more experience and success than they do, and only want the best for them?!”

But I realized that I do the same thing.

I complain about the things I don’t like, about the food plan or that don’t make sense to me, as if it or the creator of it is the enemy, when really it’s my own choices that have brought me to this point I’m mad at. As much as this is a disease, there are also habits I’ve formed that I know better, and now I’m having to undo them.

It lets off steam, yes, and then I get behind the thing I’m resisting.

I also realized that my anger serves a purpose. It gets me pumped up and fired up to take action, and do what needs to be done.  As self defeating as it seems to make a fuss and complain, maybe it’s just the sparks that fly when the proverbial runner meets the road.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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3 Responses to DAY 29

  1. nalini says:

    Is it a month??? WOW … amazing work Inner Health

    There is a great EFT setup that I often forget and, like you mention above, my mind is incredible at being all genious about what is right and not right. In my case, as you may know, it is all about what is wrong with the world … a litany that apparently knows no bounds. You may be well beyond it, so I only write it for your amusement. I like it because it starts at an energetic setting that I think uniquely matches my brain waves in the moment: Litany 1 “Oh this doesn’t work, this will never work – not for me! How will did they think it will? Are they crazy? Eft works sure for other things … but not this — I will be like this for the rest of my life, I am destined to be in this cycle of eating for the rest of my life. Oh it will never work, I doubt anything can help me!” (I love and accept myself)
    Litany 2, All of Litany 1 plus well maybe some things have been easier … I love and accept myself

    It allows you to voice every bit of resistant retort and pretty much ‘go there’. And then starts to weave in places where critical gains have been made … allowing the mind to make that shift … introducing a thought it absolutely would not entertain before.

    • I love it Nalini! And I think you’re right – the most developed of our “stories” about ourselves seem to “know no bounds!”

      I didn’t even realize it’s been 30 days, I’ve been so busy gettin ‘er done, until you said so!

      On 30 days from the 15th, I’ll be assessing the merits of doing the Kay Sheppard RFA Food Plan strictly with my sponsor, and that was more present in my mind.

      But yes, this is a major, celebration worthy milestone!!!

      Thank you for following and commenting. It really helps me feel I’m not just talking to myself.

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