DAY 31


 Gratitude List: my beautiful and comfortable home, my affectionate pet companions, my fun, supportive, understanding partner, my flexible schedule (time for reflection and play), the work that has come to meet my needs, my evolving and inspiring friends…


B:   8am   – 4 oz Rosario’s homemade turkey sausage, 6 oz pear, 1 c yogurt, 1/3 c soaked steel-cut oats

L:   12:30pm   – 1 c white beans, 2 c mixed baby greens, 1 T mayo, 1 T yogurt, 1 T mustard, 4 oz chicken

D:   5:30pm    – 2 oz broiled salmon with Seafood Magic, 2 oz baked turkey, 2 c sautéed kale/onions, 1 c brown rice

M:   9:30pm   – 1 c yogurt, 6 oz kiwi


60 mins Disc Golf, only nine holes, plus searching for a disc for the last 15-20 minutes (found it – yay!), then running late to pickup my friend’s son from school, which necessitated  the next bit of exercise:
11 mins of uninterrupted barefoot style (with shoes) running (from the far end of the disc golf course)

I made sure this was very low impact running.  I have a suspicion that at least some of the neck problems I’ve been having are from the impact of running.  I have had bulging discs in my neck, and have healed for most purposes.  I forgot that I always seem to have neck problems if I run a lot.  Believe it or not, the little bit of running I’ve been doing is a lot for me.  I’m thinking I’ll be doing very limited running from now on. 

Cycling, especially mountain biking (because of so much standing cycling on hills, and because I LOVE it), and the elliptical machine at my gym should be good cross training for running.  Then maybe I can do the mud run in April with my friends.

I really like the idea of running.  All you need is your running clothes, shoes (or not!) and you’re out the door.  You can always run, any time of day, wherever you are, no one else needed, no special field or gym and no other equipment needed!  So I’m sad that I probably will not be able to do it much, but there are so many other sports I love.

Had a disc golf insight about my forehand shot technique.  In disc golf, there are a couple of ways to throw, just like in tennis.  Forehand aka sidearm, backhand and overhead are the main ways to throw. I had lost my sidearm.  I missed it a lot.  It really comes in handy if there is a hole that has a corner to the right!

I need to keep my arm close like a chicken wing, not follow through by extending my arm forward, because it’s all in the wrist snap anyway.  It’s also called a flick shot for that very reason.  I was extending my arm at the end.  I was probably slowing it down, or at least not adding any speed.  I have to try not to think of it like a backhand, where it IS advantageous to really fully follow through by extending my arm toward the target and snapping at the end of the motion.

I did not have time to test this out, but I hope I get my shot back.  I just moved up to the advanced division at the end of last year.  I don’t think it would be easy to do well in this division without my sidearm!


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to DAY 31

  1. nalini says:

    Very excellent on the disc golf. They say that sports have many aspects of a spiritual quest … I myself would not know this since sports are more like adventures in wonderland for me, however, I do appreciate a great allegorical moment and someone else having the potential to get there. : )

  2. tracyjai says:

    Hey, my gratitude list is the same as yours. 😉

    I do love to be grateful. I was doing a daily list for a while but have fallen off. Thanks for the reminder to start again. It feels so good to focus on all the love and miracles in my life.

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