DAY 33


B:  8am  – 4 oz Rosario’s chicken sausage (Resources), 1 c soaked oats, 6 oz apple, 1 c low fat yogurt, 1 t cinnamon, 15 drops liquid saccharin

L:  1pm  – 4 oz Garrett Valley (a brand of abstinent) kielbasa, 2 c tabouli (incl 1 T EVOO, 1 T lemon juice), 8 oz baked sweet potato

D:  6pm  – 4 oz broiled salmon w/1 t Seafood Magic (Resources), 1 c brown rice, 2 c sautéed string beans

M: 10pm  – Ginger Snap Smoothie (recipe


30 mins moderate walk with little dogs

30 mins fast walk/run with long legged lover


One of the work accounts I really like was expanded today!  Still putting energy into thinking about things I like and want more of, and it’s paying off.  Yay!  I love it.

On the flip side (something I don’t like so much), I had to start paying on my back taxes.  I got a scary certified letter from the IRS, something about seizure of property…What I DO like is that:

  • I didn’t flip out.  Remember when I said, in a comment reply, that the most stress I ever have is to find out I have to pay out a huge, unexpected chunk of money when I have no idea where it is going to come from?  And I would often eat something sweet to take away the frustration of it?
  • I didn’t even want to eat something, to numb me out about it.  I believe that’s the benefit of the RFA Food Plan and meetings, keeping me away from the influence and helping me develop a habit of looking for another solution
  • I didn’t continue to avoid it (because that just prolongs the agony).
  • I really like getting things handled, and closer to crossing them off my to do list…or should I say my spiffy, inner Miss Efficiency likes it, A LOT!

Hmmm, let’s see, what else do I love…?  It seems easier to expand something I like, rather than conjure up something totally new. But both have worked for me.

I realized there are plenty of things I want to experience that I just never think about, because they seem so unattainable.  I’ve been getting stuck at the basic survival level of:   I want more work, a car, and sometimes venturing into the easily attainable, like customizing my motorcycle, travelling to Alaska, learning to hang glide…

My partner and I had a lot of fun after buying a PowerBall ticket.  $200 million?!?  C’mon!  It’s so huge that you really could have just about anything you really want.  I know the odds are probably also about 200 million to one for our single ticket.  It’s just a fun exercise. 

We really got into being creative and each thing one of us said, sparked a new idea for the other.  And the excitement started to build!  If I do it right, I feel it in my body just how incredible it would be to have it all, as if it was happening right now.  It’s easy to tell if I’m just saying something that I think I should do or want, because the excitement or pleasure just isn’t there.  But it’s ok, because that’s feedback, and helps me get closer to what would make it really awesome!

So why not start working toward those over-the-moon experiences right now?

I remember when I was in my early thirties, I made a vision board that had all these experiences and things I really wanted.  Most of them felt out of my reach.  When I pulled it out 15 years later, I had experienced all but one (and no longer had interest in that one).  Bizarre!  There’s just some power in making it concrete and putting energy into it, researching it, then letting it go.

It’s time for a new vision board!


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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3 Responses to DAY 33

  1. tracyjai says:

    let’s do it! let’s make a new vision board or 3. one for each of us and one together.

  2. nalini says:

    YES … do make a new vision board!! Did I ever tell you what happened to mine? – other people got what was on my list!!! That was sort of an interesting experience. Tracy really made me think about what I was creating … or rather, become aware of the implied in ideas. Like for instance, I had a joke that the lottery was my financial plan — then I realized what that meant in terms of my ability to have financial security (“it would only happen with a financial windfall, and what are the chances of that?) The Dalai Lama thing was – well that was just plain strange.

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