DAY 35

Excited about the WordPress plugins, QR codes, marketing and SEO  (search engine optimization) I learned at WordCamp this past 2 days.  Not much time for anything else.


B:  8:30am   –  Mixed Pumpkin Pie (1/4 c amaranth, 6 oz sweet potato, 6 oz pumpkin, 1 c milk, 2 eggs, 2 t pumpkin pie spice, 20 drops liquid saccharin

L:  12:30pm  –  4 oz Moroccan Chicken, brown rice, 2 c mixed baby greens, 1 T NO

D:  6:30pm   –  4 oz kielbasa, 2 c carrot cauliflower tarragon soup, 1 c beans

M:  10pm   –  1 c LF kefir, 6 oz frozen strawberries, 15 drops liquid saccharin



Exhausted, went to bed at 11pm.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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