DAY 39


The other night I did my MAP session and if you have them available, you always want to test for flower essences , before and after the session, maybe even continue until the next session or the whole month. I use mainly the 38 original Bach Flower remedies, which were made from flowering plants local to Dr. Edward Bach in England in the 1930s.  Perelandra and FES  (Flower Essence Service) have extensive sets of remedies also, from different flowers.

That session I was in a lot of turmoil and it felt unlikely in could hear my guidance, because my being was shouting so loudly and incessantly about the conflict and injustice of it all.  But I really needed some guidance so I tried anyway. It was all about the food plan and its requirements and how it felt like it was MAKING me obsess about food, when I don’t usually, and how difficult it was making my life when all I want is some sanity and simplification.

I wanted to share the profound flower essence selections my guides came up with for that session. I only just looked them up now:

Cherry Plum – “Fear of losing mental and physical control.  May have impulses to do things known or thought to be wrong.” Remember I felt like I was going to explode?! and i wanted to ditch the whole food plan, and impulsively I ate a random lunch protein off plan?

This essence is about “letting go and letting God. It is often used for people in a state of desperation.”  I have to share more:

Cherry Plum addresses the pattern of ego fear when shifting into intuitive directing of life…usually comes up for someone when they have invoked a great deal of spiritual energy.  Through affirmations, commitments or other means, they have activated their higher self or intuition, and are wanting it to have more direction in their lives. In response, the ego mind may come in with questions and resistance.  If we give in to the fears of the ego mind and try to block the flow of intuitive energy we have initiated, it is usually unsuccessful and we are stuck with the ego mind and the intuitive mind battling one another. 

Cherry Plum balances the fear of the ego mind so that it is easier to accept the direction of the intuition.  The concrete mind still functions, often more effectively, because it is not stimulated by fear, and it is more in harmony with the intuitive mind, functioning in a whole,  balanced way.

It can indicate a very deep shifting of consciousness, which can happen more than once during a lifetime, but which is very powerful and profound.  In some cases, Cherry Plum seems to indicate a shift as major as to be termed an initiation, for when the direction of our life moves from ego mind to the Universal mind, we often undergo profound transformation.



Breakfast:  8:45am – KS Ginger Pear Muffin Tops (recipe) So handy as a “To Go” meal!

Lunch:  3pm – 2 c Zucchini Soup (new recipe!), 1-1/2 c lentil soup, 4 oz baked chicken and turkey leftovers

Dinner:  none, because so late

Metabolic:  7:45pm – 1 c almond milk, 19 g whey protein, 4 oz strawberries/pineapple, mango, 15 drops liquid stevia


49 mins Elliptical, distance=3.16 miles (I did a 5k!!!!),                    speed 3.0-6.0 mph (7.8 top speed), approximately 15 minute miles, levels 3-7.

Very excited about my distance; this exercise felt really good for my body.

BTW,  my C3/4 area has not bothered me since I stopped running.  So I’m glad for the inner work I did in that area (because nothing is ever purely physical), and also glad I realized and stopped what was bothering me physically.

Now I’m going to rework my exercise plan, centering around ab work including plank, elliptical and bicycling (stationary, street and mountain).  I will do the Dirty Girl Mud Run for fun, and that exercise plan should cross train me for that.  I’ve cancelled my trail run in mid March.


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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