DAY 41


After the experiment last night of eating Ezekiel bread (which is sprouted grains, including wheat), I did not notice the usual symptoms like sinus congestion, gummy eyes and grogginess on waking, joint pain (joint pain is finally gone!  I had it mostly in my knees and some in my hip joints).  I have heard that sprouted grains are different from whole grains, and especially flour.  D’Adamo says Ezekiel bread is harmonious for Blood Type A, so I was curious how it would feel in my body, having abstained from it for 3-4 weeks immediately prior.  Still observing…

Breakfast:  8 am – KS Blueberry Muffin Tops (recipe)

Lunch:  DFM 8 oz red potatoes with herbs, 1 c steamed broccoli, 1 c sautéed collards/onions, 4 oz chicken salad w/1 T mayo

Dinner:  1 c quinoa,  2-1/2 oz broiled salmon w/Seafood Magic, 2 c Swedish Cucumbers (new recipe!), including 2 t mayo (3 teaspoons  in each Tablespoon)

Metabolic:  Pina Colada Smoothie (new recipe!) 



BTW I was not sore after my “5k” elliptical workout the other day!

After my “rest” day yesterday, my body is itching to move again this morning.  I loved the low impact workout on the elliptical, and the high energy atmosphere at the gym, with so many people working out and all the big TV shows to watch, and the iPod if I want something else.  I really poured it on during my last workout, when I switched on my iPod and listened to Karunamayi’s Mrutyunjaya Mantra .

20 mins walking moderate with little dogs



Now it’s the end of the day, and I’m frustrated and tired…After spending the better part of the day looking at, test driving and discussing a used Subaru, it looked like a good car, drove great and the owner had already done many of the costlier repairs the model is known for.  But the inspection at the local dealer revealed a couple thousand dollars of additional repairs that were needed to run safely.  The seller was not willing to come down the amount of the repairs, so I’m out $100 bucks and nothing to show for it (except the knowledge I have  avoided a money pit, which IS something).  It’s not that I begrudge the money spent, it’s knowing that I will have to do that over and over with every car I like and looks good to me, which could really cut into my actual car purchasing budget.  And I obviously don’t know what is a good car mechanically.  I did hours of research online, looking at reviews and “Best” used car lists and reliability reports.    I’m now thinking that in my low price range (read:  older cars), I can’t really trust any of them, so it might be better to pay a premium to a dealer and in turn get a warranty, a full inspection and current maintenance included.

It’s the RIDE that is so much fun at times, and also tiring.  Today I really thought I had a good one, I really liked it and the price was fair.  So I was excited!  Then boom, comes the let down.  This car is actually not worth the money at his asking price (total adjustment of perceptions), I won’t  have a car to drive yet (adjustment of expectations) and back to the drawing board of ads (very time-consuming).

Financial stress + frustration. My number one hot button!  This is the kind of crap that used to precede the use sugar to numb out my frustration.   Part of me feels like eating over it right now, instead of working out, but most of me does not want that.

It feels good to notice that I have made a decision, a shift and it’s becoming a way of thinking and behaving. 

The old way is just not an option in my mind. 

It doesn’t feel like a rigid, forced thought or behavior .  It feels like a calm, measured choice that I keep making and is becoming a habit.  And that was exactly my goal in committing to 365 days, and I’m over 10% there!


I prayed a lot last night and early this morning about what to do next to get a good car, because I really don’t know.  Should I go bigger, more luxury, and therefore older and lower gas mileage?  Newer, but smaller, less luxury and better gas mileage?  The Subaru was such a nice middle ground.  And I really thought it was The One.  *sigh*

How will I–a mechanically clueless person who doesn’t know anyone personally who is selling, and will be straight up with me–find a sound car?  So many decisions, so little time!  So I just asked for a sign.  “Please send me a great car in a way that I will know that it is a mechanically sound car sent from You to me.  You know what will make me happy.”

So what happens first thing this morning?  Barely out of bed, I get a call from Subaru Brian, the guy with the car from yesterday.  He has reconsidered and instead of selling the car to CarMax, he wants me to have it for the same price, since he knew I loved it.  The same price was what I offered yesterday after taking it down $2000 for the repairs. C’mon, if that’s not a sign, then I don’t know what is!


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