DAY 44


Breakfast:  8am – 2 oz homemade chicken sausage made w/Rosario’s seasoning, 1 egg over easy, 2 slices Ezekiel bread, 1 c lowfat kefir shake with 4 oz fresh strawberries, 15 drops liquid stevia

Lunch: 1pm – 8 oz Tempeh with Nutritional Yeast Gravy (including 1/2 c onions, garlic and celery-new recipe!), 1/2 c mixed baby greens, 1 T NO

Dinner: 6:30pm – 4 oz Moroccan Chicken, 1 c brown rice, 2 c Zucchini Soup

Metabolic: 10:30pm – Ginger Snap Smoothie

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60 mins Disk Golf, 100 AB crunches

Less focused golf round saved by moments of brilliance. I hit a couple 40+ foot putts and another one from down in a 10 foot creek bed. I now try for the basket with any putt within about 70 feet instead of just staying “safe” by laying up to the foot of the basket. “Never up, never in, ” as my first golf mentor used to bawdily remark with much innuendo. On the disc golf level of meaning, if it’s not up high enough to go into the basket, it has no chance of going in.

The truth is that even when I miss, I am still close enough to make the next putt, so nothing lost by trying. And I’ve been getting closer and closer with my attempts. Today I “hit metal” (the metal basket) on numerous long putts. That is its own benefit, because it generally stops a wild roll away.

Attempting every putt by going for the basket is a form of asking for what I want. “Never up, never in!”


Just a heard a replay of John Gray on Oprah’s Soul Series XM radio show. He was talking about asking for what you want (this was AFTER the golf round) and that it is okay to want and to ask for money. Intellectually I know this is true, but for some reason, I often need to be reminded.

Tonight I will start by writing down every aspect of what I want–how much, what I want to do with it, how it will feel to have it, and how grateful I am for the money I already have received.

Asking for God’s help worked so well with getting a car, why not ask for more money?


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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3 Responses to DAY 44

  1. nalini says:


    ps thanks for the laugh … it took me a while to get it -er, you know what I mean … : )

    • LOL I was trying not to be too crass!
      It’s graphic double entendre is very effective, because I think of that phrase every single time I play, whenever the disc doesn’t get as far as the basket. 8)

  2. nalini says:

    … smile.

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