DAY 48

I wanted to test this out a few days before I shared it. Last time I ran/walked in my Vibram Five Fingers shoes, I could barely wear them. It was as if my feet had grown bigger, and the shoes were suddenly just too small, especially across my instep. And I had been noticing my hands were puffy around the same time. I thought, “What have I been eating?” but it hadn’t really changed.

Then I remembered my Earthing ground wire had pulled apart after tripping over it a few too many times. So I hadn’t been using it and wondered if that could be it.

Earth = anti-inflammatory = anti-swelling

That motivated me to reattach the wire so I could use it again. Sure enough, within several days I started noticing that my hands were no longer puffy. Even though I had not been able to see the effect of it initially, when I removed a variable and then added it back into the equation, I was now aware of a subtle difference.

Proof positive, as far as I’m concerned.



Meal 1: 10am – 1 c soaked steel-cut oats, 1 c yogurt, 6 oz fresh strawberries, 8 oz sautéed tofu, 15 drops liquid stevia

Meal 2: 4pm – 8 oz Tempeh with Nutritional Yeast Gravy, 1 c brown rice, 2 c Zucchini Soup

Meal 3: 9:30pm – Ginger Snap Smoothie

Sleep at: 1:30am

I have been reading more about the dietary changes I want to make. In the Body Ecology Diet (BED), Donna Gates says not to mix your vegetarian and meat meals in the same day, because of the different enzymes your body releases for each type of digestion. This will require more planning ahead than I currently do! I’m sure it could become second nature over time, and I’ll develop a system, just like with my current plan. I could do a tofu/soaked oats breakfast, tempeh lunch and beans dinner.

I have to say that my mind is still in the meat = protein paradigm, making me constantly ask myself, “Yeah, but where’s the protein?” This is partly because of our meat oriented culture, and also because the Kay Sheppard plan is adamant about eating protein (usually animal) with all carbs. Even that plan, however, has room for tofu and tempeh to count as one’s protein. I usually wouldn’t think of eating those at every meal, so I’ll see what Dr. D’Adamo says about quantities of various groups in Eat Right 4 Your Type (ER4YT).

One interesting thing is that ER4YT says dairy, even cultured, should only be 2-3 servings per week for A blood type. Other advice is for A’s to eat the largest meal in the morning and the smallest at night, and eat 6 small meals a day.  More to follow, as I research and refine my food plan!

Ways to Check Your Blood Type:

  • If you go to your doctor, they can tell you.
  • If you donate blood, they will tell you.
  • The American Red Cross will state your blood type on your donor card.
  • A mail order blood type test is available for $9.95 at



75 mins Disc Golf

I was really whipping that “sidearm chicken wing” today. It’s working! Usually I drive between 150 and 200 on open holes, but today I parked 2 drives at the basket for 250 feet on the first 2 holes! When I get tired, the form starts to go down the drain, but I definitely have a good sidearm back!


I have refined my exercise plans, based on not being able to run regularly.

I’ll be playing disc golf 1-3 times a week when the weather is warm.  My other exercise is to help me play better disc golf, give me more endurance for multi day tournaments and backpacking trips, be able to have more fun while mountain biking and hiking, and for weight loss. That exercise will be walking, hiking, elliptical and treadmill at the gym and home, and stationary bike at home plus street and mountain biking.  Ab work has got to be in there somewhere, and weights!  Geez, I’m going to have to make up a schedule, like in college!

The following are recommendations for Blood Type A, from

Live Right for Your Type by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo:

Abs/Weights                      Cardio                                    Stretching

20 mins                                   25 mins                                    30 mins

2-3x/wk                                 2-3x/wk                                  3-4x/wk

My schedule will be…


Spiritual guidance about car – I did a lot of praying about how to proceed with fixing the car. I got that it would be ok to wait until next week to do any repairs. Next week I will take it to my favorite trustworthy mechanic. He’ll get in there and really check out what he thinks it needs.

And having set my intention to ask God to help me have more money? I put out bids for several jobs yesterday and got 2 calls and one email today for an extra $200 next week. Very helpful so far, and very grateful. A good job is next on the list.


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to DAY 48

  1. nalini says:

    I liked some of the recipes that I have seen … I am happy about the muffin tops too! : ) I am going to make if I can figure out a non-dairy solution to the dairy, only because I do like creamy things but I would like to make this so mom can have some. All in all this strikes me as having really good food – but you cannot get lazy. BTW I added back oats to my diet while I have been following you on this, as it turns out that I prefer them soaked. I must not have read it properly but I thought I couldn’t have it because of gluten. I think I lost an inch off my waist!

    • I’m not sure what’s up with oats and gluten…I have heard it both ways. I think oats themselves are gluten free, but the way they’re processed, on machinery with other gluten-containing grains, makes them off limits to people who are very sensitive to gluten.

      Kay Sheppeard has recommended steel-cut, perhaps because they’re even less processed than rolled, or again because the machinery/facility that rolls them also processes wheat. However, I’m going to be switching back to rolled oats, because I don’t have evidence that I’m extremely sensitive, and rolled are still intact (sproutable). That is a huge, added bonus when soaking them. Soaking the steel-cut is just a matter of aesthetics, as they cannot sprout.

      I used to make the muffin tops without any dairy at all – just left it out. There wasn’t a huge difference. I only added it back in because the cottage cheese was so good with the blueberries, and then later to do the complete RFA plan.

      Just having them warm out of the oven, the sweetness of the fruit, and a little help with some stevia, that’s what makes them good. I make them in smaller drops, like cookies!! Still doesn’t trigger cravings, amazingly. Without dairy, and that smaller size, you might bake them less time, maybe 17 or 18 minutes.

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