DAY 49


Breakfast: 10am – 1 c soaked steel-cut oats, 1 c yogurt, 6 oz fresh apple, 8 oz sautéed tofu, 2 t cinnamon, 15 drops liquid stevia

Lunch: 3pm – 12 oz green juice, 1 c collard greens, 2 eggs, 1 c brown rice

Dinner: 8pm – 1 c black eyed peas, 4 oz ground turkey, 2 c Grain Free Tabouli

Metabolic: none

Sleep at: 12pm

Lots more research into a better food plan, but still not done. Reading Joel Fuhrman’s book, “Eat to Live,” which has a vegetarian focus.


120 mins washing the cars



Gratitude List


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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One Response to DAY 49

  1. nalini says:

    love the exercise!

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