DAY 52


Meal #1:  8:15am  –  KS Apple Cinnamon Muffin Tops, 8 oz green juice

Meal #2:  12:45pm  – 4 oz DFM Curried Chicken Salad, 2 c green leaf lettuce/tomatoes, 1 t Sriracha spicy Thai chili sauce

Meal #3:  4:15pm  – 1 c refried beans, 1 oz cheddar cheese, 1 T sliced jalapenos

Meal #4:  7pm  –  1 oz almonds

Meal #5:  10pm  – 4 oz clementines, 1 flaxseed crackers, 2 oz cheddar cheese



120 mins. Disc Golf.  Played a nice long course, in prep for the tournament this Sunday – first one of the season!

90 mins. warm core yoga (chilled out Bikram with some Bikram postures, and still plenty of sweating)

I got my cardio and stretching in today!  Too much though, as 55 mins. is recommended, not 210 mins.  I was definitely over it by the end of class.  Evening is my lowest energy time and it showed!  But I’m working during their morning classes.  The instructor was very fun, and good at adjusting our postures.



I had an interesting meeting today.  A friend wants to work on a project together.  Working together could keep us from getting bogged down, because the project requires us to teach ourselves new skills.  It would keep us accountable to our goal, and create more momentum than we could separately.

As we talked it became obvious to me that our working styles were very different.  She strikes me as having a “push through the resistance”, “Make it work!” style.  I’m working on “If it isn’t flowing, take a break” kind of style.  And both of us are Taurean!  To me that means we could butt heads if we’re not careful.  Our friendship is more important to me than working together, so I don’t want to risk it if we’re not well matched. 

I can see the value in her style, but that’s not what I’m about these days, and I’m not willing to change, because I feel like I’ve finally found what works for me, after years of trying to run my life everyone else’s way!

I think there are ways we could still support each other, and still each do our thing our respective ways.  We could maybe even work together down the road, and our styles could complement each other.  I feel we need to spend a lot more time getting to know each other on the business level first.

So my inner work today has been to listen to my inner voice and trust it, speak my truth while honoring someone else’s, and follow the beat of my own drummer.  Could be important to practice these skills many times, so they become second nature, like I fantasize it is for some people!  Maybe the opportunity was presented to me to give me an idea, but not necessarily go further with it.  I will wait for guidance on it.



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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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4 Responses to DAY 52

  1. nalini says:

    You know what they say – “to everything turn, turn, turn” … what I have found through the years of failures and successes for myself as well as working with sometimes amazingly large groups is that a bit of both is needed. The problem then becomes, when do you apply the accelerator and when do you apply the brakes? THAT is an art. When are you traveling on God’s time, and when are you to obey the universe? I have worked on some harsh deadlines, and I have to say there is definitely something out there. I was working with a colleague once and we were having documents jammed in the copiers, people not available for signatures, one not even in the building, letters not getting to us and the tendency is to push through. And my colleague wanted to do just that … I have walked down this road and knew it well. Maybe it is a strong attachment, and maybe it the time was not right, but sometimes things are not to happen in the time frame we want it. A hard lesson. Our reality was that if we spun our wheels needlessly we wouldn’t have the energy to close the project and get it through. So I said we would stop. Gasp! We had lunch, and considered what happened if nothing happened … about two hours went by, suddenly in sauntered the person we could not find for two days, and someone was available for deadlines – oh by the way use our copier. From there we had to push through ….!

    • Great story Nalini! I definitely see the need to push through at times. For me I think the whole thing is does it feel like God’s plan for me, or is it all my (my ego’s) idea? And if it is God’s plan, then I am free to Go! Go! Go!
      Those 2 hours of taking a break, reflecting, and then the energy to move forward manifesting–priceless!

      • nalini says:

        Yes, I agree … I think you are someone who does have a very attuned instrument to the ways of God. Something I had to really ‘push through’ to understand in network. I really am thankful in that way for my neck problems.

      • That is a very nice compliment, Nalini. Thank you!

        I don’t know if it’s true, but it does seem that being willing to stop and pay attention, ask, and wait for an answer are very helpful in that effort–skills I really think anyone can posess and strengthen.

        Kinda makes sense that God would be available to anyone who is truly seeking LOL!

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