DAY 57


Meal #1:  8am – KS Blueberry Muffins, 6 small muffins made in silicone muffin cups. Excellent!

Meal #2:  1:45pm – 4 oz grilled chicken, 2 c Grain Free Tabouli including 2 T EVOO, 8 flaxseed crackers

Meal #3:  7:45pm – Tofu Peanut Rice Vegetables including 4 oz tofu, 1 c brown rice, 1 c vegetables, 1 T sesame/flaxseed oil, 12 oz beer

Fell asleep in my chair at 9pm!


7 hrs. Disc Golf (Perkerson Park Tournament) 2nd place by 2 strokes  😦  Had fun, but I knew I could do better, ya know?

I AM grateful I was able to play 2 rounds on such a grueling course (par 68 with lots of elevation changes), and I have to acknowledge my ankle and feet, which were already aching by the 2nd round, for hanging in there and being able to finish without too much distraction.

In hindsight, there was a huge lack of intention as far as winning this thing.   None of my usual mental preparation and  visualization were present leading up to the day.  I’d been so busy with work that I just showed up and expected it to go as well as ever!

At least for me, that’s not how it works.  And attempting to focus and rally after the off shots or bad breaks seemed very difficult without having had the strong vision at the beginning.

I had a really solid, consistent opponent in the winner.  I realize now that I often count on the other players falling apart at some point, and using that to mentally rally my game (and even out the score after I’ve lost my game for a few holes).  But this woman was just not going there!  I think a great improvement to my game would be to not look for that opening, and instead to cut down my own mistakes.

I also see a need for a lot more endurance training.  I was really tired after the first round, and was not at all in top form physically the whole 2nd round.  Hill/stair work, lunges/squats, elliptical and mountain biking would all help with that.

Oh, and if anyone’s available, I would like a caddie  😀

Prayer and Gratitude List


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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  1. nalini says:

    The disc golf sounded fun … and a very nice addition to this space — like a baseball sidebar : )

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