DAY 62


Sprouting is when seeds, grains, nuts, beans and legumes are soaked, usually overnight/8 hours minimum and up to 20 hours. Just like a seed in the ground, which sprouts after enough rain in the right temperatures, it is the beginning of the growth process, from dormancy to plant.

It can only be accomplished with the intact, live, reproductive fruit of the plant, not the leaves, and not if it’s too old or has been heated/cooked, chemically processed or broken apart.

There are three main reasons for sprouting food:

  1. To dissolve and wash away the seed coating. There is an enzymatic coating that inhibits digestion. This preserves the integrity of the seed, so it can pass through an animal‘s digestive tract and still be viable (instead of digested). I have heard that this is the reason squirrels bury nuts. It is believed they are not planting the nuts, hoping they’ll grow into a new tree, and not simply storing them either! 🙂 The soaking that happens when they are buried in the moist ground washes off this coating.
  2. To make their nutrition more available for digestion and assimilation. Additional enzymes inside the seeds are activated by the sprouting process. They start to break down the nutrients, pre digesting them which makes it easier to digest.
  3. To improve the nutritional content.  Germination activates various enzymes in the food that transform it, decreasing the fat content of nuts for example, by up to 50%, and improving the amino acid content.

I found several helpful tables for finding the soaking and sprouting times for each type of food. Rather than try to post the table here, click here to see one of them.


Meal #1: 8:15am – Bowl of Heaven

Meal #2: 12:15pm – 1/2 oz (13 pieces) almonds, 8 oz green juice

Meal #3: 4:15pm – Tofu Peanut Rice Vegetables including 1c brown rice, 4 oz tofu, 1/2 c vegetables, 1 c celery, 2 T peanut butter

Meal #4: 9:30pm – 2 c Blender Salad, 1 c Tempeh with Nutritional Yeast Gravy



none 😦



Conscious Breath into my heart this morning


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3 Responses to DAY 62

  1. nalini says:

    So theoretically I should be able to eat the sprouted grain … unlike bread? This is very interesting to me – some of this my grandfather use to do! In fact, he would bury coconuts, and then after about two weeks, dig them up and they could be consumed.

    • Yes, it might be agreeable to you that way. Possibly it is the reason I can find Ezekiel bread agrees with me, while white wheat flour and even whole wheat flour do not work for me at all!

    • That is very interesting about your grandfather. I guess we knew these things not too long ago. I imagine it is only with the advent of mass production of food that these steps are now routinely skipped. Doesn’t help the bottom line perhaps?

      I don’t remember seeing coconuts on those sprouting charts!

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