DAY 63


Meal #1:  9am – KS Blueberry Muffin Tops
Meal #2: 12:30pm – Crunch Bar
Meal #3: 2:45pm – Amy’s Enchiladas, 2 c steamed broccoli
Meal #4: 7pm – 4 oz Moroccan Chicken, 1 c brown rice cous cous, 2 c roasted zucchini & cauliflower
Meal #5: 10:30pm – Piña Colada Smoothie



60 mins Pilates Class.  Today in class I learned that tightening the glutes helps stabilize and activate the core muscles while doing exercises like plank, while also helping to protect the lower back from stress.



RFA meeting – I’m realizing I have to get more strict with my food plan.  Specifically, my small meals don’t feel balanced or consistent.  That’s leaving me feeling too hungry at times.  Stress releases cortisone, which helps the body hold onto fat, instead of burning it.  NOT helpful. 

I’m going to try to make the 3 major meals ahead, then eat half of lunch and dinner plus the evening “metabolic adjustment”/snack, every 2-3 hours, to get in my 6 small meals.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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