DAY 68


All vegetarian day today:

Meal #1:  8am  –  Bowl of Heaven (soaked oats, tofu, berries and yogurt)

Meal #2:  12:15pm  –  1/2 oz almonds, 8 oz Greens+

Meal #3:  3:00pm  –  2 c Tofu Peanut Rice Vegetables, 1 c Blender Salad

Meal#4:  4:30pm  –  1 oz roasted peanuts

Meal#5:  10:30pm  –  Amy’s black bean enchiladas, 1 c Blender Salad






Prayer, breath and energy to my itchy and stuffy nose, draining sinuses and sore throat, which started earlier this week.  Could’ve been the pizza flour, spring allergies, the mold in my car, or cleansing from the extra herbs I started taking.  It always seems to come at the worst possible time, as I worked a double today! 

Regardless of the source, the symptoms have me feeling very committed to no more lapses in abstinence from sugar, flour or wheat, and no other marginal substances, like alcohol or decaf coffee, even though I’m more tired lately from all the work.

Despite the lapse in abstinence, I have not had any cravings.  More the opposite, like aversion, since the wheat flour reacted so poorly with my system (bloating, overly full, some abdominal cramps and intestinal distress). Those symptoms and the upper respiratory issues now are probably the best thing that could’ve happened, because I’m using them as an extra excuse to get right back to clean, healthy food.  I feel strong in my commitment, and I know I cannot afford any more errors in judgment.

Some people in my life have expressed concern that I will be working in a restaurant that serves trigger food so early in my recovery.  Valid concern, which I have also carefully considered.  So I have promised to plan and prepare all my food ahead of time for those work shifts , and to get a food sponsor to whom I’ll report my food and get help with challenges.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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One Response to DAY 68

  1. nalini says:

    You and me both – I had a bagel. And five cups of tea … and felt really trippy bad last night. : ( I am also experiencing some allergies as well. BUT … did I tell you this? All the work you did on my left shoulder released it. I liked the frozen shoulder so well, I froze the right. However, I did much of what you worked with me on and it unfroze and now eft is helping … yesterday I moved my shoulder from the sternum back … I haven’t done this in more than ten years.

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