DAY 79


Meal #1: 9am – 12 oz plain, unsweetened soy milk, 4 oz fresh strawberries, 2 oz fresh pineapple, 18 g Metagenics Ultra Cleanse Meal replacement shake

Meal #2: 3pm – Wendy’s fried, breaded cod fillet without bun, 1 t tartar sauce, 1 medium fries, 1 garden salad, 1 T Lemon Caesar dressing, 32 oz lemonade containing sugar

Meal #3: 5:30pm – Think Thin bar

Meal#4: – 8pm – 6 oz DFM Curry Chicken Salad, 10 oz green juice

Finally ended up drinking presweetened coffee to stay awake for the ride home. Starting to get a bit used to sugar, so i want to nip that in the bud. Could’ve had diet soda for the caffeine, but I am so tired of artificial sweeteners. They were one of the main reasons I objected to the Kay Sheppard food plan and got off it.

I’ve been having some of the weird symptoms that some people report from their use: seemingly random, brief burning and itching skin sensations, on my arms feet and legs, and mild headaches.

One reason I am paying attention to these is because I had been feeling incredible when I was eating completely clean.

One of my travel companions this past weekend told me of her experience, where she had pain in the bottoms of her feet on rising, so intense she could only hobble out of bed every morning. Eventually it would dissipate as she walked around. This went on for many months. Multiple doctors were consulted, but none of them could find the problem. Her mother was horrified to see her looking like an old woman at the tender age of 32.

She was sharing with some people she had met about it, and the woman had also had the same problem. She asked her if she used Sweet n Low, which she did. The woman said she didn’t know why, but quitting Sweet n Low had made her feet stop hurting. So my friend tried quitting it also. She got the same relief. Later when researching it online, she found that pain in the bottoms of the feet were a frequent symptom of its use.

Neurological symptoms have long been reported from aspartame aka Nutrasweet (which is the main sweetener of diet soda).

NOT an excuse to drink sugared beverages however. That’s just the meager offerings of the road wearing me down. I need to prepare some cold beverages in addition to my meals for my work shifts, because I AM going to want a cold drink besides plain water on hot days.


90 mins Disc Golf (scored a 63) at Redan Park.

Lots of Gratitude for safe travels on the motorcycle (1100 miles over the past 4 days), having sufficient resources to travel and get cool upgrades for my motorcycle, the ample sunshine, warm weather and the beautiful ocean at St. Augustine Beach, my beach loving partner, the great places we stayed that had kitchens to support my (mostly) abstinent eating, the generous friends who looked after my cat and dog so I could go away…

I’m not feeling very accountable lately, so this is the week I’m working on getting a sponsor.


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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4 Responses to DAY 79

  1. Dana says:

    I noticed aches from sweeteners when y I have used them. So glad you brought that up again.

    • Thanks for your comment, Dana. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it. I guess we all think we’re the only ones or maybe we think it’s from another cause, until some big study or headline gives us some external validation!

  2. slimwithlynn says:

    Have you tried using Trouvia (I think that’s how you spell it!) It’s a natural substance which is much sweeter than sugar so you only need a tiny amount. It’s on sale in all the supermarkets now so easy to find.

    • Thanks for the info on that, slimwithlynn. I use liquid stevia when I’m at home cooking and preparing food, because it has the best flavor I’ve found so far. It is just the herb leaf from the stevia plant (rebiana). I haven’t tried Truvia. I will have to try it. Do you like the flavor?

      It would be great if one of the major soda companies put it in one of their common drinks, so I could get it when I travel.

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