DAY 90

Wow!  90 days of anything is a lot for me!  Even though I wish I were a bit steadier in this endeavor, I am happy to report that I am still totally committed to this year of no sugar, flour or wheat.

Now that the bumps of travel and new restaurant work have settled down, I’m getting back into the groove.  Additional travel is planned, but anything where I don’t have to pack all my food on a motorcycle should be a little easier.

I have learned that I will still have to be very vigilant however, due to being around other food, and my laissez-faire, celebratory mindset on vacation.


Meal #1:  8am  –  Coffee Smoothie

Meal #2:  1:30pm  –  4 oz broiled salmon on a bed of 2 c salad greens, 1 T NO, 1 c refried beans with 1 oz melted mozzarella

Meal #3:  7pm  –  2 scrambled eggs, 4 oz homemade chicken sausage patties, 2 slices Ezekiel toast, 1 T butter, 2 c steamed broccoli

Meal#4:  10pm  –  Adkins sugar free protein bar

I know I haven’t lost any weight this week with the extra fats and protein I’ve been eating to help me get off my sugar slip last week.  But it’s been working.  I no longer have any physical cravings for sugar, and I’m ready to scale back on my food quantity.



Trying to get to the gym to get in my cardio and weights.  In honor of 90 days working on being sugar, flour and wheat free, I am making an exercise video!  Just a simple technique, nothing to worry Jane Fonda.  At least one segment of the video will be shot at the gym, so I need to set up the shots there.


Not much prayer or meditation or even Step One work has been happening the past few days.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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2 Responses to DAY 90

  1. Dana says:

    I can’t wait for the video!!

    I can’t really imagine trying to pack food on a motorcycle trip. I find being on the road/go pretty challenging – please keep sharing tips for us girls/ women on the go! I so appreciate your journal. I have been reading along for a while and I am starting to understand more about my own health journey as I read. Keep it coming!!

    • Thanks, Dana, for your comment. It really encourages me to hear about people reading and receiving inspiration and comaraderie on their own journeys.

      The video is actually in response to a question my mother had about an old injury and working out. I knew I could show her so much easier than tell her on the phone. I could’ve used FaceTime with her, but it was an opportunity to get my feet wet with video. The video will be appropriate for anyone who has an old, nagging injury and wants to get better and work out.

      Having a food plan, and using it to plan ahead for the trip, were big keys for me successfully packing food on the motorcycle. Another big help was having another person, my partner, that was doing the same, so we could brainstorm and double check together.

      Previous experience with car camping to remote spots, as well as backpacking, were great training for planning what food to bring and how make it small for the motorcycle!

      We also had advance knowledge that there would be a Publix supermarket within a few miles of our destination.

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