DAY 93


Meal #1:  8:30am – 12 oz green juice, cherry smoothie with 21 g protein powder, 1 c kefir, 4 oz frozen cherries, 20 drops stevia

Meal #2: 12pm  –  1/2 oz soaked almonds

Meal #3:  3:15pm – 1 c Chinese white rice, 2 oz chicken, 1 oz cashews, 1/2 c cooked vegetables, 3 pcs California roll, 1-1/2 c salad

Meal #4:  7:00pm – 1 c salad, 1 T NO, 4 oz turkey lunch meat, 2 oz mozzarella.

Meal #5:  9:45pm – Pure Protein bar (maltitol sweetened)

Meal #6:  11:45pm  –  medium french fries

Gone the entire day from 9am til midnight, with only an hour break to workout.  Totally forgot to bring my food.  Very inadequate lunch delivered (almost no protein), and no time to eat enough at my 3rd job.  The protein bar at one of my hotel deliveries saved me.



30 min weights/cardio – Planet Fitness express circuit

100 continuous reps ab machine

No time left for push ups or elliptical today, but very pleased that I made it to the gym and did my ab work.  Just getting there is half the battle.



Gratitude List:  Easy shift and finished with an extra $100 in my pocket!  Spring, wild azaleas flowering with an intoxicating scent, beautiful sunshine, productive day.


About innerhealthjourney

I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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