DAY 99


Meal #1:  12pm  –  Pumpkin Pie

Meal #2:  3:30pm  –  4 oz DFM curried chicken salad (incl 1 T mayo), 3/4 c black eyed peas, 1 T italian dressing, 2 c mixed baby greens, 1 serving Lays chips

Meal #3:  8pm  –  Russell Stover sugar free Pecan Delights, 1 beer, 2 Amy’s Black Bean Enchiladas



45 mins leisurely stroll.  Mainly a rest day.  My energy just dropped out yesterday when I was halfway through my trail run (all of 1.5 miles total LOL), and never returned.  My muscles felt weak and wobbly.  That is a sure sign of over training for A blood types. 

I know I’m not training very hard by most standards.  It’s more about HOW I’m training.  I have found that if I “push it” (exercise til my energy is gone, lift the heaviest weights that I can still do with 12 repetitions, or do full out activities like sprinting) it will result in getting totally fatigued well past the workout, totally losing motivation, getting an injury or sickness.

Last time I was lifting weights at the gym, I was pushing the heaviest weights I could.”Pushing it” is what I’ve always been taught gets the results!  So that’s my programming, and I always think I should be doing that.  And if you’ve been reading along, you know I always feel good and strong during and immediately after that kind of workout.  Maybe it’s still true for As, but a lot less so.  I really have to listen to my body in the moment as well as over a longer time span.  An almost imperceptible increase, much more slowly over time, might work.

What DOES work for As is a slow warmup, getting into a steady rhythm that can be maintained, and ending the workout with some energy still in reserve.  Maybe that’s why exercise like yoga, Tai Chi and walking, 20-40 mins in duration, are most recommended for As.


Happy Easter!


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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