Cleansing Process

Yesterday I started getting an unusual “kink” in my left groin that made it difficult to move and walk normally. It felt like it was the muscle in that area, my psoas major, deeper than the hip flexors, which is a huge muscle spanning the lumbar spine and the upper leg, situated on the front of the spine. I’ve never had this kink before; it feels like a cleansing response.

By “cleansing response,” I mean part of my body’s process of cleansing. Everyone is different in what they’ll be aware of while toxins are loosening and leaving their body, and the timing of their processes. What everyone has in common is that their liver, kidneys and digestive tract will all be experiencing some changes during the process.

Because of the healing work I do, I am very aware of the tiny changes in my body if I’m paying attention. In the past, I have noticed that my psoas can become very tight, especially on the right side. Later along my healing journeys, I noticed that it seems to be more pronounced when my liver is stressed. The muscle lays right below the liver, so it may be that toxins drift from there to the muscle. Maybe the nerve supply to each is shared. All I know is that I have noticed a connection.

So day 2 of a cleanse that involves my liver, sudddenly my psoas is involved. What to do? I tried soothing the muscle with some massage, stretching and arnica gel; I took my usual, homeopathic joint support; I checked in and muscle tested that some liver support would be welcomed, so I took some licorice and Gymnema sylvestre. Some other physical things that could be helpful would be to continue the liver/gall bladder support to help keep the bile flowing into the intestine, a colonic/enema to keep the bile and digestive waste flowing, and body brushing and lymphatic massage to keep the lymph flowing. Light, steady exercise would keep the blood moving well.

I could slow down the cleanse.

It is never necessary to feel pain or discomfort to carry out a successful cleanse.

Even one day of a cleanse that eliminates sugar, wheat, caffeine and alcohol is enough to start the processes and feel cleansing symptoms. Toxins release from the fat cells especially, also muscle and organ cells, into the blood supply and lymph. The liver and kidneys filter the blood supply and lymph. When they are not keeping up, toxins overflow back into the bloodsteam, causing the rest of my body and brain to feel ill. Slowing it down would allow my organs of detoxification to catch up with the toxin elimination.

Brain fog and headache is a sure sign that an overall slowdown of the cleanse, or more support, is needed. I did have just a tinge of headache the first and second night. I felt that was from the caffeine, as its withdrawal is also marked by those symptoms (a big reason to withdraw from caffeine before your cleanse, so you can tell what the headache means).

I’m going to get some exercise and sweat in the outdoors now, and see how it feels.


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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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