Getting Vegetarian

The juice cleanse went well. I only did it for about a day and then I felt I had to add in cooked and raw vegetables to maintain my level of activity…I felt like the all veggie diet really helped me deal better with the heat – over a hundred degrees all week.

The trail run? Not so well. As predicted, lack of training really slowed me down, but it was fun. After all, I did choose the run because they were giving DriFit tshirts and it was held at a park with a disc golf course where the Atlanta Open had been held for many years. So I played a round afterwards to salvage the day.

The best outcome of the veggie eating and juicing was how mentally clear and physically light I felt. So I’ve decided to move toward a vegan diet. Not perfect yet, but most meals are very vegan. I just need more places to eat out, and more recipes. I find when I haven’t prepared my food or get bored with it, I make poor eating choices.

Earlier this week I explored a vegetarian restaurant, Vegetarian Paradise on Covington Highway in Decatur. I was too “chicken” to order something that was unfamiliar, so I just order brown rice, steamed veggies and salad. Just having someone else prepare food for me was a treat, and the seemingly plain dishes had spices that I wouldn’t have thought to use myself. then I tasted a sample of their “BBQ,” made from textured vegetable protein. It was very good! The people were warm and I liked the vibe of it; I’ll try the place again.

Tonight I made up a Vegan Pumpkin Pie, one of my traditional favorites, remade with pumpkin, pie spice, soy milk, tofu, ripe banana, pecans and some oats. has a great Vegetarian Starter Kit on their site, which I ordered. There was also a very helpful vegan substitution chart for baking ingredients like eggs, dairy and butter. Basically I just used tofu in place of the eggs, banana for fluffiness, and soymilk in place of the tradItional dairy. I made them in muffin sized silicone baking pans, so it would be possible to eat in my car if I was needing to save time in the morning.

It came out pretty well. Next time I will use less banana (the flavor overpowered). Otherwise, good flavor and texture!




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I'm a healer. I am into new age spirituality, healthy food, hiking and disc golf.
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